Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 6B Superior North

District Committees

OSSTF District 6B maintains six committees, composed of members from both the Educational Support Staff and Teachers/Occasional Teachers Bargaining Units. A unified district committee structure was developed in 2014 following amendments to the constitution. The combined strength of the two bargaining units allows the district to engage more members.

Descriptors of OSSTF District 6B Committees and their Mandates/Duties

Communications/Political Action is a committee dedicated to promoting the political and communications goals for OSSTF and its members through political action and communications training, member awareness initiatives, lobbying, building coalitions, and supporting international education awareness.  Locally, the committee supports student achievement award celebrations, member achievements, member engagement activities.  Regionally, it works with the local Thunder Bay District Labour Council to develop worker awareness of key issues affecting their lives and communities.

Educational Services is a committee that deals with matters related to professional development, union training, curriculum testing, and member resource materials in support of individual member professional growth and development by accessing OSSTF resources and engaging with the School Board’s Professional Development Committee and senior personnel where possible.

Health & Safety is a committee dedicated to promoting member awareness of health and safety in the workplace, promoting practices that make workplaces safe in accordance with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), and to educate members about matters related to the Workplace Safety Insurance Act and the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) services.

Status of Women/Human Rights is a committee dedicated to promoting member and their District/BU Executive’s awareness of issues affecting women and human rights as well as promoting activities aimed at the goal of eliminating any form of discrimination within the operation of the District and member workplaces.

Pensions and Benefits is a committee dedicated to developing member and their District/BU Executive’s awareness about pension and benefit plans, financial and retirement planning opportunities for members as provided by OSSTF, OTIP, and Educators Financial, and the communication of information related to these matters through the District Newsletter , Committee Reports to District Councils, and direct member communications through the office of the District President.

Constitution is a committee dedicated to reviewing and amending the District Constitution and By-Laws to ensure their continuity and compliance with the provincial OSSTF’s Constitution and By-Laws and to advising the Bargaining Unit Constitution Committees of any amendments or changes to the District’s Constitution and By-Laws that may affect their respective Constitutions and By-Laws.