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Occasional Teachers

Spring 2011 Occasional Teacher Newsletter

Any Supply Teacher who has worked at least a portion of a day at a High School within the Superior-Greenstone District School Board (SGDSB) within the last 95 school days is automatically a member of the OSSTF, District 6B, (D6B), Superior North, Teacher/Occasional Teacher Bargaining Unit (T/OT BU). 

All Long-term Occasional (LTO) teachers are also automatically members of the T/OT BU as well.

The information below is information about which you should be aware.  In addition to the material provided on this page, your are invited to read the the Newsletters posted below.



Contact Information and Occasional Teacher representation for all T/OT BU Members

First, on behalf of the OSSTF, District 6B, Superior North, Teacher/Occasional Teacher Bargaining Unit (T/OT BU), I (Buzz Grebenc) want to welcome you to the 2011/2012 school year.

Our Bargaining Unit has an Occasional Teacher Representative (OTR) on its Executive.  His name is John Vandergraaf and he can be reached via email at vandergraaf@shaw.ca.

Both John and I are available to address any Occasional Teacher concern you may have about your contractual relationship with the Superior-Greenstone District School Board (SGDSB).

I can be reached via email at d6bosstf@shaw.ca or by phone at either: (807) 886-2769 or (807) 229-2077.  My mailing address is: P.O. Box 391; Red Rock, ON; P0T 2P0.

To assist us in our effort to communicate with all members, especially our Supply Teachers, the Bargaining Unit would like to collect everyone’s personal or other non-employer email address you may use.  The address will only be used for OSSTF Bargaining Unit business such as those related to negotiations, working conditions, and other such matters.  Please forward your address to me at the above cited email address.


Wellnet Training: a condition of employment for all Supply and LTO Teachers

As a condition of employment, all teachers are to complete the “Wellnet” training provided by the Superior-Greenstone District School Board (SGDSB).  This includes all Occasional Teachers, including Supply Teachers.

All Supply Teachers listed on the SGDSB’s Occasional Teacher Roster List were supposed to have been contacted by the Board before the end of July 2011.  The contact included information on what process members were to follow in completing their Wellnet Training. 

In the SGDSB communication, Supply Teachers were informed that they “MUST” complete their on-line Wellnet Training by Friday, September 2, 2011.  Members were also informed that they would be paid for a claim of 2 hours as remuneration for the time taken to complete the Module Training.

The Supply Teacher communication also included information they needed to complete the Training on-line from home or at a school if they cannot access a computer.

If you are a Supply Teacher who worked last year and cannot or could not complete the required Wellnet training on or before September 2, 2011, please contact both the Bargaining Unit’s Occasional Teacher Representative, John Vandergraaf, and the Bargaining Unit President, Buzz Grebenc, at the following email addresses (vandergraaf@shaw.ca and d6bosstf@shaw.ca) or call the Bargaining Unit office at (807)-886-2769.

Permanent and Long-term Occasional (LTO) teachers who are scheduled to begin their assignments at the beginning of this school year are to be provided the opportunity to complete the on-line Wellnet Module Training sometime during the first two Professional Activity (PA) Days of Semester 1 (on either Thursday or Friday, September 1 or 2).


Key Issues for the 2011/2012 School Year as outlined by Ken Coran, President of OSSTF

OSSTF President Ken Coran told the representatives attending this year’s Summer Leadership Conference in Toronto that there are two overarching events that will affect every OSSTF member in the coming year.  The first is the upcoming provincial election scheduled for October 6; the second is the expiration of our Collective Agreements on August 31, 2012. 

The election outcome will affect the negotiation of new Collective Agreements because the Party elected to form the next government will control all public service expenditures.  It will be responsible for setting the terms for the next round of negotiations and those terms will affect your conditions of employment, health care benefits, and salaries among other negotiable items.  The Party elected to power in the October will also set the education agenda for the next four years in such areas as curriculum development and delivery, classroom and course programming, school standards, and a host of initiatives tied to its political platform and ideological beliefs.

Given the importance of the upcoming October election, OSSTF has identified the election as a priority for all members and the organization.  It is encouraging every member to cast a ballot on Election Day or earlier where able.  It is also encouraging members to get involved in the election and to look to local OSSTF Political Action Committees for guidance, where appropriate, in that engagement. 

As our Collective Agreements are to expire at the end of August next year, President Coran noted that all members should begin now to prepare for the next round of negotiations both personally and professionally.  Members should be aware that the next round of bargaining will be challenging regardless of which Party wins the provincial election.  As such, local Collective Bargaining Teams will be active in the coming year preparing briefs for the negotiations which in all likelihood will begin in some form before the onset of next summer.  To assist in these efforts, the province has placed an emphasis on assisting local teams in their preparation through Regional workshops and the annual provincial CBC Conference schedule for February 2012.  Sixty Mobile Drive intends to keep all Bargaining Unit Teams and OSSTF members apprised of any provincial initiative that may impact the local bargaining of Collective Agreements. 

President Coran noted, finally, that the strength of OSSTF is found in the unity and solidarity of its members and their commitment to the public education of their students, their own professional growth, and the work of our organization.  These are the cornerstones upon which OSSTF membership is based and expressed in both our OSSTF Pledge (I solemnly dedicate myself to promote and advance the cause of education…. strive to achieve and maintain the highest degree of professional competence and … standards of my profession…. [and] pledge my loyalty and support to the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation….) and our OSSTF Motto (Let us not take thought of our separate interests, but let us help one another.).

President Coran called upon us to unite in common cause and celebration of our work, our students, our union, and our public education system as this will be a year requiring unity and commitment more than any other in recent times. 


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