Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 6B Superior North


The OSSTF District 6B - Superior North Teacher/Occasional Teacher Bargaining Unit (T/OT BU) welcomes you to the website.


The T/OT BU is a merged Bargaining Unit representing the following three categories of Teachers employed by the Superior-Greenstone District School Board (SGDSB):

  • Contract (or Permanent) Teachers;
  • Long-Term Occasional Teachers (LTOs); and
  • Supply (or Casual) Teachers

The Occasional and Teacher Bargaining Units merged  following the amalgamation of the three previously existing School Boards (the Geraldton, Nipigon-Red Rock, and Lake Superior Boards of Education) into the Superior-Greenstone District School Board (SGDSB) prior to the negotiation of the second Collective Agreement between the new SGDSB and the teachers in its employ.

The Bargaining Unit consists five Branches (one at each secondary school within the Board):
  • Manitouwadge High School
  • Marathon High School
  • Lake Superior High School
  • Nipigon-Red Rock District High School
  • Geraldton Composite High School

An Occasional Teacher Representative works with the Bargaining Unit President and the Branch Presidents to ensure OT members are effectively served in each of the locals wherein schools exist.  It is a responsibility of each Branch President to represent and advocate on behalf of all BU members within the communities served by the local high school (both permanent and OT teacher members).


Members can contact the Bargaining Unit President at d6bosstf@shaw.ca if you have questions about the Bargaing Unit or member issues.